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Landowner Negligence After Repair in Florida

Are there any circumstances a landowner can be found negligent?

A landowner can be found negligent if the landowner is aware of or should be aware of a damaged area of his property, or the landowner ignores a request to repair damaged areas of property. However, if the problems have been addressed and repaired to code in a reasonable amount of time, the landowner probably will not be found negligent. Laws limiting landowners liabilities are well defined and difficult to prove in a Florida courtroom. Expert legal counsel is the best option for discovering any circumstances a landowner may be found negligent. It is easy to stress about legal matters when you work with poor legal counsel. You can avoid any problems by choosing expert legal counsel that understands negligence law in Florida.

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Negligence in Florida

Negligence court cases are not as straightforward as you think. There are different types of negligence and there are different ways to pursue a negligence case in the courts of Florida. The best way to understand a negligence case is to consult with a qualified, bar-certified attorney who specializes in negligence law and has years of experience working in the field. Avoid contacting attorneys fresh out of law school and attorneys who specialize in an alternate area of law because negligence law takes years to master and understand your ideas and concepts.

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