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Landowner Negligence After Repair in Florida

Are there any circumstances a landowner can be found negligent?

A landowner can be found negligent if the landowner is aware of or should be aware of a damaged area of his property, or the landowner ignores a request to repair damaged areas of property. However, if the problems have been addressed and repaired to code in a reasonable amount of time, the landowner probably will not be found negligent. Laws limiting landowners liabilities are well defined and difficult to prove in a Florida courtroom. Expert legal counsel is the best option for discovering any circumstances a landowner may be found negligent. It is easy to stress about legal matters when you work with poor legal counsel. You can avoid any problems by choosing expert legal counsel that understands negligence law in Florida.

Can a landowner be found negligent after repairing a reported problem?

No. If the problem has been repaired, the landowner can not be sued for negligence. There may be other issues involved before you can understand who can be sued when an injury/death takes place at a property. However, if the aforementioned property has been repaired to code and any problem addressed appropriately, then the landowner can not be sued for negligence. Avoid wasting your own time and money by contacting an attorney who specializes in landowner negligence to help you with your case from the beginning. Your legal representation has a direct result in any negligence claim you might have, and if your legal representation is not well versed in the specific type of negligence, your case will not end up in your favor. Save time, money, and stress by choosing the best representation for your particular case.  

What are my options if I suffer after a case of landowner negligence?

Always contact a competent, bar approved attorney in your area to discuss details of landowner negligence. Document, document, document. Photograph, photograph, photograph. Video, video, video. It is in everyone’s interest to record everything that occurred before, during, and immediately after the incident involving negligence, including the cause of your injuries and the appearance of your injuries for the first moments and days after. There are cases where the landowner is not at fault, but the manufacturer of a product or service is directly at fault. Let a legal expert who has years of experience handling these matters determine the individuals and businesses involved in the situation before moving on with your legal case.

Finding the right target of your lawsuit is the first thing to do before approaching the courts. If you try to go straight to the courts with your attempt to sue a landowner for negligence, the courts will meet you with resistance and possibly rule against your interests. Find proper legal counsel to discuss any matters regarding negligence in Florida. Stay away from corporate ran law firms and mass marketed law firms. Stick to professionals who have years of experience dealing with negligence law in Florida.