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Boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, golf and recreation resorts and winter vacation theme parks and parks throughout Florida, the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Caribbean are some of the most popular winter destinations for visitors from throughout the United States and the world. Hotels and Resorts should be places where one goes to get away from the stress and exhaustion of everyday life. Your safety should be the highest priority of any resort owner or employee. Many resorts, however, simply open their doors to the public and pay little attention to the safety precautions they are required to exercise for the protection of their guests.

Florida Resort Injury Lawyer

Every year, hundreds of our residents, snowbirds and other visitors are injured in boating, swimming, diving, and golf related accidents and other slips and falls in or about hotels, motels, resorts and amusement parks. An accident at a hotel or resort can do more than just ruin a holiday. Serious injury resulting from an accident while staying at or visiting a resort can cause an inescapable lifetime of stress and exhaustion. If you have been injured, the personal injury attorney you hire to represent you in an injury lawsuit can be one of the most important legal decisions you make.


Attorney Peter Commette understands what is necessary to hold resort property owners accountable for the damages they cause their guests. Mr. Commette’s goal always is to obtain full and fair settlements and verdicts on behalf of negligence injury victims and their families. From slip and fall cases, to wrongful death, to rape, to a case involving the abduction and disappearance of a guest from an all inclusive resort in Jamaica, we have handled a full array of motel, hotel and resort litigation matters. We at Peter M. Commette, P.A. handle the simple to the complex cases, all of which involve thorough investigation and a clear presentation of facts to successfully obtain full compensation for injuries and losses. If you have been injured in any way while staying at or visiting a resort or amusement park in Florida, the Bahamas, Jamaica or the Caribbean, you should speak to a Florida personal injury attorney without delay. Do not let negligence on the part of another person cause you more harm than it already has. These cases of premises liability often include catastrophic injuries, and the future of the victim is of utmost concern to Peter Commette and his staff at Peter M. Commette, P.A. FREE consultation about your vacation or resort injury claim. In order to best maximize your call, gather relevant documents that you can find, such as your ticket of passage or for admission, check-in documents, receipts, all vacation documents sent to you, brochures, accident reports, insurance policies, photos and information about the person, company or group that caused the injury, and then give us a call. In the event your injuries prevent you from traveling to our office, we can make home or hospital visits as necessary.