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  • Crewmembers on a cruise ship are considered “special wards of the court” when operating on a vessel. This special denomination gives crewmembers rights above and beyond a normal person on a vessel. Sailors are usually unaware of their rights when working a vessel in the United States, but it is important to be fully informed of your rights as a crewmember of a cruise ship. The best way to understand your rights as a crewmember is to discuss them with an admiralty lawyer. Whether on a cruise ship, fishing vessel, or any other type of vessel, crewmembers are at constant risk of working under negligent, lazy ship owners. Know what rights you have to protect yourself against abuse at the hands of your ship owner.

  • Cruise ships are a good value for travel and entertainment enjoyed by many people each year. However many of those who take voyages on these vessels are unaware of the potential dangers and their rights. Cruise ship accidents are common, dangerous and can lead to extensive injuries. The corners cut in providing this relatively inexpensive travel are not fully realized until there is an injury, that injury many times caused by either the vessel’s safety not being up to the standards we expect in the United States (they are not subject to many of our laws), or enhanced by their medical personnel whose standards of care also are not up to the standards we expect in the United States. It is important to have a qualified attorney who deals with these types of injuries and understands them in the context of the admiralty or maritime law that controls them. Peter M. Commette, P.A. understands the handling of cruise ship accidents.

  • No one wants to suffer an injury while out on an excursion, but life loves to throw us curveballs when we are enjoying our excursions. Whether you are enjoying a pleasure boat trip, a fishing charter, tour boat, ferry, or any other excursion type activity in Florida and suffer an injury, get in contact with the Law Offices of Peter M. Commette, P.A. for a professional consultation. You may deserve legal compensation that you are not aware of. It takes a professional to review all the details of the case to determine the next move to make.

  • People suffer personal injuries on cruise ships due to their lax personal care all the time. The victims usually have no idea they have legal options because cruise ships are notorious for having guests sign waivers and legal agreements. If you have suffered a personal injury on a cruise ship due to their lax personal care, you have legal options and should contact a professional, personal attorney like Peter M. Commette, P.A. A personal attorney will take the time to sift through the information of your case with a fine tooth comb, as opposed to a “lawsuit mill” that will power through your case as fast as possible.

  • Personal injuries on cruise ships due to negligent or lax security occurs all the time. Cruise ships are not your friend when it comes to legal matters. Cruise ships have gorged themselves on the profit margin gained by maritime liability laws. When boarding a cruise ship, passengers will often write off their rights without even knowing because legal terms and jargon are meant for professionals to interpret, not vacation goers. The only way to combat the legal shield put up by cruise ships is to hire an experienced, professional attorney like Peter M. Commette, P.A.