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Crewmember On a Cruise Ship is A Legal Steward of the Court

Crewmembers on a cruise ship are considered “special wards of the court” when operating on a vessel. This special denomination gives crewmembers rights above and beyond a normal person on a vessel. Sailors are usually unaware of their rights when working a vessel in the United States, but it is important to be fully informed of your rights as a crewmember of a cruise ship. The best way to understand your rights as a crewmember is to discuss them with an admiralty lawyer. Whether on a cruise ship, fishing vessel, or any other type of vessel, crewmembers are at constant risk of working under negligent, lazy ship owners. Know what rights you have to protect yourself against abuse at the hands of your ship owner.

I am a crewmember on a cruise ship who needs legal help, what should I do?

Contact an admiralty lawyer immediately. We have the necessary experience and training to handle crewmember lawsuits. A normal attorney will not be able to advise you on the specifics of your case because they are not trained and experienced in matters pertaining to seaman. A crewmember on a ship is considered a “special ward of the court” which gives them special causes of action unique to crewmembers. Use them to your advantage.

Why are crewmembers on a cruise ship considered different than everyone else?

Crewmembers on a cruise ship have special legal protections placed upon them, similar to the rights of minors. This is because maritime law has dictated under the Jones Act that the courts of the United States will protect the lives, wellness, and financial well-being of any worker sailing aboard or working for a ship flying the U.S. flag. The denomination “special ward of the court” comes with substantial legal favor for any maritime worker and it is in your interest as a crew member to use this legal favor to your advantage. A qualified, experienced maritime lawyer will be able to direct you further.

What does a “special ward of the court” mean?

It sounds fancy, but what it means is that the maritime courts have agreed that crewmembers of vessels deserve protection from greedy ship owners and corporations looking to skirt regulations and safety procedures. The court, in essence, is saying that it will protect crewmembers from negligent ship owners taking advantage of their crew. This is why it is important to consult with an admiralty lawyer if you are a crewmember of a ship flying the U.S. flag. You have more rights than you may be aware.

Crewmembers on a cruise ship are considered “special wards of the court” because they receive special rights while working on a cruise ship or any other vessel flying the flag of the United States. Do not let those rights go ignored while working. Fight for what you deserve and don’t let lazy, negligent ship owners take advantage of you as a crewmember.