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  • Cruise ships are a good value for travel and entertainment enjoyed by many people each year. However many of those who take voyages on these vessels are unaware of the potential dangers and Peter M. Commette, P.A., a resort accident lawyer, can help when you have been injured at a hotel or resort. Florida and the Caribbean Islands are known for lavish resorts, which is why many people visiting Florida or the islands spend time at these magnificent but surprisingly dangerous establishments. Because the Florida resorts see so much tourism traffic, coupled with a harsh environment of sand, salt air, humidity, UV rays and employees from other cultures who are not used to and who do not honor our standards of care in the United States, tourists often sustain serious damages. Worse yet, the Caribbean resorts think that they are beyond the reach of the standards of care that we expect and require in the United States, so that, in addition to the same harsh environment and different cultural standards, the design, construction and maintenance of their facilities are not up to the par that they should be, and that they pretend to have in their advertisements. As a result, tourists often sustain serious injuries. If you have been injured when visiting a resort or hotel in Florida or the Caribbean Islands, Peter M. Commette, P.A. is here to guide you through the legal process.

  • Personal Injuries can occur any place at any time, and unfortunately, they have a knack for occurring while people are enjoying their vacations. You might find yourself enjoying the luxury of a Foreign Resort and be faced with a vacation ending personal injury. Not only does the end of the vacation cause stress, but the lax personal care of the foreign resort can add substantial problems to medical care, legal attention, and proper safety protocols. During these circumstances, it is important to have legal counsel prepared to represent your best interests and take legal action against these foreign resorts for their lax personal care.

  • The chances of suffering a personal injury at a foreign resort due to their negligence or lax security are small; however, do you know what to do if it happens? Most people have a vague concept of what they might do in case of a personal injury at a foreign resort, but the majority of people don’t understand their legal responsibilities and rights when traveling to a foreign resort. It is completely understandable not to know the in’s and out’s of the legal system, but knowing who to contact in case of a personal injury at a foreign resort due to their lax security could be the difference between receiving adequate compensation or receiving a fruit basket. It is imperative to have professional legal counsel ready to represent your best interests.

  • It is important to review what you sign when checking in at a resort. We are not talking about credit card receipts. Oftentimes, you will be handed a pamphlet of information to review and sign. These pamphlets can vary and sometimes hold binding legal agreements in the fine print. Like online agreements, these legal agreements can have negative consequences if you ever find yourself facing a legal situation where you have already waived your legal rights.

  • The Turks and Caicos Special Investigation Prosecution Team (“SIPT”) Reports that Sandals Resort Internationalhas agreed to pay the Turks and Caicos government $12 million to resolve an investigation into bribery and money laundering.