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Marine Law

Injuries at sea, or on any body of navigable water with access to the sea, or in maritime work environments are governed by a complex set of overlapping maritime regulations and laws.

Peter Commette and his staff at the law firm of Peter M. Commette, P.A. have been helping those injured in a marine environment and those maritime workers injured at sea, on docks and on shore for more than 25 years.

Peter Commette grew up on the water, raced boats, built boats, and was a sailmaker before going to law school. My father was a maritime attorney in New York City for over 50 years. I clerked for him beginning in high school. I am delighted that one of my firm’s focuses is on handling admiralty and maritime cases for over 25 years. We have handled cases pertaining to accidents, injuries, and other situations involving seamen and non-seamen on cruise ships, yachts, and other watercraft. Please visit our Marine Law page for more info.