Do I Have a Good Personal Injury Case? What is My Personal Injury Case Worth? What is the Value of my Resort Injury Case?

The best way for us to answer these questions is to learn enough about your case so as to be able to advise you. One FREE consultation phone call is usually enough to tell us whether your case is strong enough for us to pursue. In order to best maximize your call, gather relevant documents you can find, such as accident reports, insurance policies, photos, and information about the person, company or group that caused the injury, and then give us a call. In the event your injuries prevent you from traveling to our office, we can make home or hospital visits as necessary. Then, call us. We usually follow up that call with a no-obligation, no cost, review of your medical records, along with other potentially relevant documents. The reality, though, is that each case is different, and no lawyer can precisely predict the value of a particular case, especially at its early stages. However, due to our experience in personal injury, negligence and malpractice cases, we typically are able to provide a good estimated value range for each case after we have gained familiarity with it.

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When you or a family member is hurt or dies as a result of a personal injury or medical negligence/malpractice, seek advice from an experienced lawyer. Personal injury and medical negligence cases are often complex. Investigative review is necessary to assess accountability. Though many cases are settled or resolved, insurance companies may to litigate. Always seek a consultation with a lawyer before agreeing with an insurance company. You may be signing away your rights. Choose a lawyer with courtroom strength, knowledge, and ability. Choose Peter Commette and his staff at Peter M. Commette, P.A.

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