Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Driving under the influence can injure and kill. So can distractions while driving – such as text messaging and cell phones, inexperience and defective gas pedals. Faulty tires, loud music, and fatigue can contribute to serious, even fatal car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. Some days, the sheer volume of traffic contributes to injury accidents. Road rage by angry drivers is increasingly cited as the cause of accidents on the road.

 Florida Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Loss of limbs, life, brain function, ability to work, all wreak havoc that extends beyond the crash. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of brain, head and spinal cord injuries. Seeking advice from a personal injury attorney experienced in evaluating long term injury is critical for accident victims seeking justice.

Increase in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Florida Bicycle Accident Attorney

Many injured victims involved in motor vehicle accidents were not in a motor vehicle at all. Pedestrians, bicyclists, innocent people in crosswalks or in a storefront window can become victims of motor vehicle accidents.

Attorney Peter Commette is a tough, well respected litigator, with an AV rating, the highest rating available from Martindale-Hubbell for ability and ethics. Peter Commette and his team of associates are skilled at determining the facts surrounding the accident, fault, and long term impact of your injuries. Turning to Peter M. Commette, P. A. for a free consultation is the first step in resolving your case with the best possible outcome.

Before you sign any papers presented to you by any insurance company, it is your right to seek legal advice.

If you believe you have a legal claim for serious personal injury or wrongful death involving an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle or pedestrian accident, call the offices of Peter M. Commette, P. A. and ask for a free consultation. Be aware that all states limit the time that your attorney can recover damages on your behalf. Once this time frame has elapsed, it may be impossible to recover anything. Therefore, it is in your interest to call Peter M. Commette, P. A. early in the process.

“I have to say that I am a very happy client of Mr. Commette. He wasn’t just my attorney, but he was also my employer and made me feel like a family member. I was in a horrible car accident, and after losing my job from missing so much work due to medical issues from my collision, Mr. Commette hired me and gave me a chance to prove myself and the work I was capable of doing for him. After working for him, I saw what an ethical and aggressive attorney he was and saw him really fight for his clients. I was unhappy with the attorney I had hired for my car accident, who was trying to force me to settle and told me my neck injuries were meaningless since everyone is South Florida has a back and neck problem. I then wanted Mr. Commette as my attorney. My attorney withdrew, and I hired Mr. Commette. He took my case much further than my original attorney had and got me a settlement that I was very pleased with. In the year and half I have worked for him I have also felt such a sense of family and saw his family values, which I so appreciated. I had never been treated better by any employer as I was by him and his family. Mr. Commette is an amazing attorney that I would recommend to anyone looking for an attorney to fight for their best interest; I wasn’t just a number to him or a paycheck, I was a client he cared about, and he made sure he was directing me in the right direction and made me feel very confident in that, which is all I wanted in an attorney even if I risked losing my case. Thank you so much Mr. Commette for being the attorney and employer any client or employee would so appreciate to have! Thank you for fighting for me. Sorry I had to move home to Wisconsin to have my daughter grow up near family.”

Cassandra (last name withheld for privacy concerns)