Commette Law Client Success Stories

Client Testimonials

I also wanted to thank you for all you did for me during my legal fight with _________! I’ve had a successful career because of you. Again I can never repay you for the help you gave me during my legal battle that changed my career and made me a better man! Thank you!

~John (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“I have to say that I am a very happy client of Mr. Commette. He wasn’t just my attorney, but he was also my employer and made me feel like a family member. I was in a horrible car accident, and after losing my job from missing so much work due to medical issues from my collision, Mr. Commette hired me and gave me a chance to prove myself and the work I was capable of doing for him. After working for him, I saw what an ethical and aggressive attorney he was and saw him really fight for his clients. I was unhappy with the attorney I had hired for my car accident, who was trying to force me to settle and told me my neck injuries were meaningless since everyone is South Florida has a back and neck problem. I then wanted Mr. Commette as my attorney. My attorney withdrew, and I hired Mr. Commette. He took my case much further than my original attorney had and got me a settlement that I was very pleased with. In the year and half I have worked for him I have also felt such a sense of family and saw his family values, which I so appreciated. I had never been treated better by any employer as I was by him and his family. Mr. Commette is an amazing attorney that I would recommend to anyone looking for an attorney to fight for their best interest; I wasn’t just a number to him or a paycheck, I was a client he cared about, and he made sure he was directing me in the right direction and made me feel very confident in that, which is all I wanted in an attorney even if I risked losing my case. Thank you so much Mr. Commette for being the attorney and employer any client or employee would so appreciate to have! Thank you for fighting for me. Sorry I had to move home to Wisconsin to have my daughter grow up near family.”

~Cassandra (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“Hi, my name is Gus, I was injured at a Jamaican resort in March of 2012. I believe we may have been in the same situation, as far as injury and who or where to go for representation for recovery/lawsuit, if it goes there. I live in Indiana, and checked with a long time school friend that is an attorney locally and he recommended I find an attorney that is geared towards resorts in the Caribbean, cruise lines and, especially, one that is licensed in the state of Florida, in my case Peter Commette, as most of these resorts, cruise lines and such have offices in Florida. Keep in mind, there are local attorneys that will take your case but I went with my friends advice and went to someone that specializes in this type of litigation. Peter just earlier settled my case 2 days ago, for more than what was anticipated, I did not even have to travel back to Florida, it was all done pleasantly and seamlessly while I was kept in the loop thru the process. Peter communicated regularly, answered emails usually within 1 hour and I can’t recommend him enough. I have to tell you, if you are going to pursue for damages, hire an expert in this field, not knocking other attorneys, but they all have their own niche rather it is labor law, car accidents, aircraft or family law for wills and such. My local attorney friend that I’ve known since grade school was correct and steered me in the right direction on this, get someone that knows this type of law. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!”

~Gus (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“You guys are great. When that doctor cut my colon during back surgery, then sewed me up to almost die a few days later, I thought that my life was over, with all my constant pain, scars from the emergency surgeries, the colostomy bag (thankfully, finally removed), and debt mounting through the ceiling from being unable to work. You not only helped me through the legal process (without ever filing suit!), but you helped me find the doctors I needed to heal medically, emotionally and cosmetically. I got my health and self esteem back, and my finances are not a worry anymore. Thanks to you and your caring staff, Peter!”

~Lisa (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“When NationsBank, now Bank of America, refused to honor a loan commitment to our company, my wife and I turned to Mr. Commette for help. Their refusal and subsequent law suit against us prevented us from borrowing elsewhere and we had to close our company.During discovery, Mr. Commette and I labored though boxes of bank documents. Our persistence resulted in finding key pieces of loan committee meeting minutes. At trial, these documents, as well as sound witness questioning resulted in a jury decision in our favor as well as the judge’s separate ruling on a portion in our favor.The bank appealed, but the verdicts in our favor were upheld. The end result was the reversal of our personal guarantee debt that the bank claimed, as well as the monetary award by the jury for the value of our business loss. This was a huge swing of close to one million dollars. Mr. Commette’s tactics, tenacity and organization ensured the success of this action.”

~Richard Finger

Dear Peter,

Just a short note to thank you for all your help. Susan and I truly believe that it was God’s design that you were recommended to us by Bob. We knew in our hearts it would take a special person with special gifts/talents to win this case. Your tenacity, penchant for details, organization, and follow through were these gifts/talents. Together we have righted a wrong which, hopefully, will blaze a trail for others. May God continue to bless you and Connie.

~Jim (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)”

“Peter Commette and his entire staff treated me with compassion, concern and understanding. Though nothing can bring back my little daughter’s father or erase the terrible memories of what happened to him at (that Hollywood-area nursing home), Mr. Commette worked tirelessly to resolve the case to its best possible end.”


Angela (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“When I lost my finger on one of the dive boats for (that Jamaican all inclusive resort), I thought I felt as ugly, vulnerable and damaged as I ever could, but then their disgusting attorney attacked me in a way that made me feel even worse. Life is not black or white; there’s a lot of gray in the middle, and that’s the hardest to figure out. You protected and encouraged me throughout that horrible ‘middle ground’ process. Peter, you and your team are the best! Thank you for a great result.”


Raquel (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“Peter and staff, not only were we up the creek without a paddle, we also had a hole in our canoe. Without you, we’d have been sunk. Thanks. You did a wonderful (job) that made him (the defendant’s attorney) look not so good.”


Sue & Jack (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“Pete, I knew you as a world champ sailor who always outworked the rest of the competition, so I thought I’d give you a try for my tug injury. You practice law the same way you sailed. Thanks, buddy.”
Dick (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“When those pirates tried to hold me up for a quarter of my boat’s worth for pulling me off a sandbar in nothing more than a heavy wind and medium seas off of Hillsboro Inlet, I didn’t know what to do. Your hard work and attention turned the case back into one for a reasonable towage fee. We taught those pirates there was no booty to be had here. Thanks.”


Rick (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)

“Dear Peter and Staff,
I so appreciate that you, Steph, Brean and Nancy were on my side. My thumb was crushed and tendons lacerated when the porthole cover’s tether failed. The injury and surgery were painful, and the rehab was long, slow, and painful. Meanwhile, the owner’s insurer kept squeezing me on paying maintenance and cure. Initially, I didn’t even know what those word’s meant. You explained me my rights and advised me, and Nancy found me doctors who would treat me. You and your office stood by me throughout the case and the settlement process. Thanks to all of you.


Kirsti (last name withheld because of confidential settlement)”

“My 80 ft., six month old yacht sank off of Cuba, and when my captain and crew made it to Cuba’s shore, they were put in prison. My big marine insurance company of London abandoned me, claiming there was a mistake in my insurance application, so there was no coverage, or that my sunken boat broke apart because of a design or manufacturer’s defect, so there was no coverage, or I was a lying Italian. (No kidding; how’s that for racial profiling?) They had no real idea what their defense was; they just didn’t want to pay. Worst of all, while I thought they were negotiating with me in good faith, they snuck into federal court and filed a declaratory action in admiralty, so they could beat me to filing in a court system that offered no jury (I would have filed in state court with a jury). I turned to Peter Commette, and two years later, after numerous depositions and meetings in Florida, England and mainland Europe, we settled the case … for more than the insured value of my boat! Thank you, Peter.”


Luigi (last name withheld because of a confidential settlement)