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Crewmember On a Cruise Ship is A Legal Steward of the Court

Crewmembers on a cruise ship are considered “special wards of the court” when operating on a vessel. This special denomination gives crewmembers rights above and beyond a normal person on a vessel. Sailors are usually unaware of their rights when working a vessel in the United States, but it is important to be fully informed of your rights as a crewmember of a cruise ship. The best way to understand your rights as a crewmember is to discuss them with an admiralty lawyer. Whether on a cruise ship, fishing vessel, or any other type of vessel, crewmembers are at constant risk of working under negligent, lazy ship owners. Know what rights you have to protect yourself against abuse at the hands of your ship owner.

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Contracts Hold Significant Legal Weight, Be Informed

Business contracts can be confusing. Are verbal contracts legally binding? Do I have to sign specific paperwork to put a contract in effect? What are the rules in a verbal contract? All of these questions, and more, come up constantly when discussing contract law in Florida. It is best to discuss these matters with a qualified, experienced business law attorney to find answers. Do not go rushing into a business contract without consulting with an attorney. The money spent on an attorney pales in comparison to breaking a contract. We know; we see it every day in court.

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Charter a Vessel and What Needs to be Done to Protect your Business

Owning a vessel is one of the great luxuries of living in Florida. If you have ever wondered about chartering your vessel for extra income or to compensate for maintenance costs, contact a qualified, experienced maritime attorney. We will be able to explain all aspects of chartering your vessel and how to do it in a manner that protects your business. There are liabilities involved when chartering a vessel and the owners of the chartered vessel will be held responsible in a Florida courtroom. If you are not licensed to offer charters and do not possess the proper permits and insurance, the penalties, if found guilty, can be massive. In addition, you will be held civilly liable for any accidents or fatalities on your vessel. Do not tempt fate.

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Landowner Negligence After Repair in Florida

Are there any circumstances a landowner can be found negligent?

A landowner can be found negligent if the landowner is aware of or should be aware of a damaged area of his property, or the landowner ignores a request to repair damaged areas of property. However, if the problems have been addressed and repaired to code in a reasonable amount of time, the landowner probably will not be found negligent. Laws limiting landowners liabilities are well defined and difficult to prove in a Florida courtroom. Expert legal counsel is the best option for discovering any circumstances a landowner may be found negligent. It is easy to stress about legal matters when you work with poor legal counsel. You can avoid any problems by choosing expert legal counsel that understands negligence law in Florida.

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